uniform convergence

uniform convergence
tasainen suppeneminen

English-Finnish mathematical dictionary. 2011.

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  • Uniform convergence — In the mathematical field of analysis, uniform convergence is a type of convergence stronger than pointwise convergence. A sequence {fn} of functions converges uniformly to a limiting function f if the speed of convergence of fn(x) to f(x) does… …   Wikipedia

  • Convergence of Fourier series — In mathematics, the question of whether the Fourier series of a periodic function converges to the given function is researched by a field known as classical harmonic analysis, a branch of pure mathematics. Convergence is not necessarily a given… …   Wikipedia

  • Uniform absolute-convergence — In mathematics, uniform absolute convergence is a type of convergence for series of functions. Like absolute convergence, it has the useful property that it is preserved when the order of summation is changed. Motivation A convergent series of… …   Wikipedia

  • Uniform space — In the mathematical field of topology, a uniform space is a set with a uniform structure. Uniform spaces are topological spaces with additional structure which is used to define uniform properties such as completeness, uniform continuity and… …   Wikipedia

  • Uniform norm — This article is about the function space norm. For the finite dimensional vector space distance, see Chebyshev distance. The black square is the set of points in R2 where the sup norm equals a fixed non zero constant. In mathematical analysis,… …   Wikipedia

  • Uniform topology — In mathematics, the uniform topology on a space has several different meanings depending on the context:* In functional analysis, it sometimes refers to a polar topology on a topological vector space. * In general topology, it is the topology… …   Wikipedia

  • Convergence in measure — can refer to two distinct mathematical concepts which both generalize the concept of convergence in probability. Contents 1 Definitions 2 Properties 3 Counterexamples 4 Topology …   Wikipedia

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  • Uniform boundedness principle — In mathematics, the uniform boundedness principle or Banach–Steinhaus theorem is one of the fundamental results in functional analysis. Together with the Hahn–Banach theorem and the open mapping theorem, it is considered one of the cornerstones… …   Wikipedia

  • Uniform integrability — The concept of uniform integrability is an important concept in functional analysis and probability theory. If μ is a finite measure, a subset is said to be uniformly integrable if Rephrased with a probabilistic language, the definition… …   Wikipedia

  • uniform — I. adjective Etymology: Middle English uniforme, from Middle French, from Latin uniformis, from uni + formis form Date: 15th century 1. having always the same form, manner, or degree ; not varying or variable < uniform procedures > 2. consistent… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

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